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What Brought You Here Today?

Welcome to our studio! We're so glad you're here! A Step Above is a professional, local dance studio located in Moore, Oklahoma. Through age-appropriate instruction, students experience classes that nurture all around healthy development and self-expressive creativity that ignites their feeling of confidence! They will sail on seas of success in friendship, mentorship, and leadership. We offer a variety of classes in many dance genres, for ages 2-adult, in both recreational/recital classes and performing groups for those dancers who want to take it to the next step up by entertaining our community, performing year round, and competing at local competitions.

Our 5-7 year olds can continue in combination classes or have the option of taking jazz or hip hop on it's own! Their muscular structure is still forming and working with their coordination skills to make them a more well rounded dancer, so the combo classes are a bit longer, but since they are still growing and maturing, we don't do the rigorous study of ballet or other forms on their own until age 8. Once they are 8 years and up, there are many different directions we offer that their dance studies can take them!

Our Performing Group is not your typical competition team. We do it by invitation only and it's main focus is not to win trophies, but to show a love and passion for performing dance, build self-confidence and self-esteem by getting in front of judges plus a large audience, to work on teamwork and sportsmanship and to learn from the judge's comments on what we can work on technically.

"We have found a home here at A Step Above. My daughter loves dancing and counts down every week until it's dance day! The teachers are so nice, caring, and they are so good at what they do!" - Molly, Parent

We believe you should never miss a chance to dance, so come join us today! It is a true honor to get to be your choice in dance education.