New classes are now being offered! See the schedule for more details. We are also adding new schedules as well. Stay tuned!
Please enroll online, if possible, to sign up for the summer camps and classes, which start June 11th. We will be closed the week of July 2-6th for the holiday for both classes and camps.
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Fall/Spring 2018-2019 Class Schedule
Classes begin August 6th
We will have Open House/Enrollment Nights Saturday, July 28th 12:00-4:00PM; Tuesday, July 31st and Thursday August, 2nd 4:30-8:00PM; Saturday, August 4th 1:00-4:00PM.
Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Teachers have not yet been assigned to these classes. We will update them as assignments are made.

12&Up Jazz 5:00-6:00 Studio C
8-11 Contemporary 5:00-5:45 Studio A
3&4 Ballet/Tap 5-5:45 B Invite Only Perf Group 6:00-7:00 C
3&4 Ballet/Tumbling 5:45-6:30 Studio B
5-7 Ballet/Tap 5:45-6:45 Studio A
3-6 Hip Hop/Jazz/Tumble 6:45-7:30 Studio B
5-7 Jazz 6:45-7:30 Studio A
8-11 Hip Hop 7:30-8:15 Studio A
12&Up Contemporary 7:30-8:15 Studio B
8-11 Ballet 8:15-9:00 Studio B |
12&Up Pom Prep 8:15-9:00 Studio A

12&Up Cecchetti 5:00-5:45 Studio A
2-4 Mommy & Me 5:00-5:45 Studio B
Invite Only Perf Group 5:45-6:30 Studio A
5-7 B/T/J/HH 5:45-6:45 Studio B
5-7 Hip Hop 5:45-6:30 Studio C
8&Up Modern 6:45-7:30 Studio A
5-7 Technique 6:30-7:15 Studio B
5-7 Tumbling 6:30-7:15 Studio C
8-11 Jazz 7:30-8:15 Studio A
Invite Only Pointe 7:30-8:15 Studio B
8-11 Hip Hop 7:15-8:00 Studio C
12&Up Tap 8:00-8:45 Studio A
8&Up Beginning Tumbling 8:00-8:45 Studio C

3&4 Ballet/Tumbling 5:00-5:45 Studio B
5-7 Ballet/Tumbling 5:00-6:00 Studio A
Invite Only Perf Group 5:45-6:45 Studio A
8-11 Musical Theatre 6:00-6:45 Studio B
8-11 Pom 6:45-7:30 Studio B
12&Up Music Theatre 6:45-7:30
Adults Dance 7:30-8:15 Studio A

12&Up Hip Hop 5:15-6:00 Studio A
5-7 Ballet/Tap 5:00-6:00 Studio B
8&Up Int/Adv Tumbling 5:15-6:00 Studio C
8-11 Cecchetti 6:00-6:45 Studio A
3&4 Ballet/Tap 6:00-6:45 Studio B
3-7 Beat Boyz Class 6:30-7:15 Studio C
Invite Only Perf Group 6:45-7:45 Studio A
8-11 Tap 6:45-7:30 Studio B
6-10 Cheerleading 7:15-8:00 Studio C
8-11 Technique 7:45-8:45 Studio A
8&Up Beat Boyz 8:00-8:45 Studio B
12&Up Technique 7:45-8:45 Studio C

5-7 B/T/J/HH 5:00-6:00 Studio A
5-7 Ballet/Tumbling 6:00-7:00 Studio A
8-11 Jazz/Lyrical/Music Theatre 7:00-7:45 Studio A
12&Up Ballet 7:45-8:30 Studio A
Summer 2018 Class Schedule
Classes begin June 11. We will be closed the week of July 2-6 for the holiday, both summer classes and camps.The combo classes are designed to cycle through a few different dance styles so that you can get your feet wet and try different forms, see what you like!
3-6 yr. old Dance Combo 5-5:45 Teacher DR Studio B
7-11 yr. old Dance Combo 5:45-6:30 Teacher DR Studio B
6-10 yr. old Dance Combo 6:30-7:15 Teacher DR Studio B
12 & up Technique - Stretch, Strengthen, Turns, Leaps 7:15-8:00 Teacher DR Studio B
Adult Dance/Exercise 8:00-8:45 Teacher DR Studio B
7-11 yr. old Dance Combo 5-5:45 Teacher TH Studio B
3-6 yr. old Dance Combo 5:45-6:30 Teacher TH Studio B
12&up Dance Combo 6:30-7:15 Teacher TH Studio B
12&up Improv/Choreography 7:15-8 Teacher TH Studio B
Summer Camps Schedule
June 12th-14th ages 6-10 Ballet Boot Camp 5:00-7:00 Teacher DR Studio A
June 12th-14th ages 11&up Ballet Boot Camp 7:00-9:00 Teacher DR Studio A
June 19th-21st ages 6-10 Lyrical Camp 5:00-7:00 Teacher TH Studio A
June 19th-21st ages 11&up Contemporary Camp 7:00-9:00 Teacher TH Studio A
June 26th-28th ages 6-10 Tumbling Camp 5:00-7:00 Teacher EP Studio A
June 26th-28th ages 11&up Tumbling Camp 7:00-9:00 Teacher EP Studio A
July 10th-12th ages 6-10 Hip Hop Boot Camp 5:00-7:00 Teacher EP Studio A
July 10th-12th ages 11&up Hip Hop Boot Camp 7:00-9:00 Teacher EP Studio A
July 17th-19th ages 6-10 Music Theatre Camp 5:00-7:00 Teacher AB Studio A
July 17th-19th ages 11&up Music Theatre Camp 7:00-9:00 Teacher AB Studio A
July 24th-26th ages 10&up Fearless Inventor Camp 6:00-8:00 Teacher AB Studio A

**Note - Music Theatre Camps will use tap some too and also Heels with the older group. The Fearless Inventor Camp will explore Improv, creating choreography, costume design, and showcasing these things on the final day.**
Summer Schedule
*If you enroll in Summer and/or Fall by May 15th, you can get a $10 off credit your next month and if you get a friend that was not enrolled at anytime 2017-2018 to do the same - get a $20 off credit for your next month!* [Insert the online enrollment link in here] 3 day camps will be $90/camp and the 6 week of classes will be 1 class - $82/$15 drop in, 2 classes $110/$25 drop in, 3 classes - $130/$35 drop in. Instead of months, we will just have 6 weeks of camps and classes. All summer camps/classes must be paid ahead of time before the first class/camp starts since it is not based off a month to month schedule this time.
April Newsletter Posted
Check the Studio News page for the latest Newsletter!
A Step Above is proud to announce a small in-building expansion we've now made that allows us to try something new! Starting in January, you are invited to try out our 5 month introductory dance classes with a shorter commitment time than our regular 10 month school year dance schedule! Today's society is faster paced and different from when you were growing up. Life is busy and kids are in many different activities, so here's a solution! We love sharing our love of dance but why just do it for those who can only commit to the year round schedule? We want you/your child to find and figure out what you truly want to do. We will even discuss as a class by class basis if they'd like to do a little number in our spring recital. Are you looking for that perfect Holiday gift, dance lessons after the New Year? Look no further!
What we're offering -

Another night for Adult Exercise/Dance and Belly Dance, still for the same great $5 drop in rate!

Little Steps Pre-School/Kinder Combo (Ages 3-6) - Students will focus on, learn techniques in ballet, a hip/hop/jazz style, and tumbling.

Stepping Stones Elementary Combo (Ages 7-11) - Students will focus on, learn techniques in the many forms of jazz, also hip hop, and tumbling. The Monday class will have more of a focus on some ballet technique added in, where the Tuesday class will not.

Mix It Up Jr./Sr. High Combo (Ages 12 and Up) - Students will focus on and learn technique in ballet, different forms of jazz, hip hop, and tumbling.

Intro to Cheerleading (Ages 6-11) - will work on basics of cheering such as tumbling, stunts, motions, cheers/chants.

Beat Boyz (Ages 3-7 and 8 & up) - Boys only class with a male instructor. They will work on hip hop, jazz, and tumbling while having fun, making buddies, increasing coordination and muscularity in a masculine environment.
*These next 2 we're doing as a drop in fee of $10*

Creating Choreography (Ages 10 & up) - For the dancer who loves to create and explore the endless possibilities of movement. In this class, students will learn the basics of combining movement with music using counts and rhythms all while stimulating the imagination.

Stretch & Strengthen (Ages 10 & Up) - This class will teach how stretching properly before and after a dance workout helps to prevent injury, by making the muscles more pliable. In addition, students will work on improving posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and strengthening their muscles.
Referral Program
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One complimentary class for new students is available. Contact us for more information.
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Your child will smile with joy as they twirl, bounce, shuffle, leap and emote across our floors alongside lifetime friends in our classes! All the while blossoming with confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and dedication, right before your eyes. Adults will fall in love with their bodies again and learn both a new way to move and level of strength while doing something for themselves.
Enrollment is now OPEN
Enrollment is now open for 2018 summer season.
We offer enrollment in Auto-Pay by check or credit card to be debited on the first of each month. You may enroll through our online enrollment tool. The enrollment link will lead you to a parent portal that lets you sign up. This is available for both existing or new students.

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